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Wisdom Teeth

Image of one or more teeth being extracted

The most common oral surgery is the removal of wisdom teeth. Typically, at some time between the age of 17 and 21 a third set of molars called wisdom teeth (named as such because of the age when they appear) begin to grow. 

These teeth often grow in the wrong position or when there isn’t enough space for them to surface. When they become trapped they become impacted and can cause all sorts of problems in the mouth. 

During our routine check ups, we monitor the growth of the wisdom teeth and will recommend removal if we deem they are not growing in properly. Many times they are removed in conjunction with orthodontics. 

The most painless method of removing wisdom teeth if by using IV sleep sedation. From a practical perspective, if we are going to remove one of the wisdom teeth, we may recommend extracting all four at the same time.

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