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In simple terms, cosmetic dentistry is a term which refers to improving the appearance of teeth and gums. Cosmetic dentistry helps one have more self-confidence and approve one’s smile.


Cosmetic dentistry options include:


  • Teeth whitening

  • Veneers

  • Clear aligners

  • Traditional braces (wire)

  • Traditional braces (ceramic)

  • Bonding and contouring

Teeth Whitening

Over time, the teeth can become stained through age, smoking or drinking coffees and colas. People like a nice set of white teeth. One visit to the office and a simple whitening procedure will send you home with a smile.


If you want to improve your smile, dental veneers are a simple option. Veneers are thin coverings that are placed over the front (visible) part of the tooth. Veneers are applied over the teeth.

Clear Aligners

Compared to traditional metal braces or ceramic brackets (clear braces), the biggest differences are that SureSmile® Clear Aligners are clear correctors that are virtually invisible ...

Traditional Braces (Wire)

Traditional wire braces are the go-to option for fixing a variety of Orthodontic problems.

Traditional Braces (Ceramic)

An option to traditional wire braces are ceramic braces which have a lighter color archwire and have a more discreet appearance.

Bonding & Contouring

Bonding and contouring is a process which can reshape teeth.

If you have chipped, jagged, or poorly aligned teeth then a bonding or contouring treatment might be the solution to restore the glow to your smile.

Dental Health Pages
  • Crowns (Same Day)
  • Cavities & Fillings  
  • Bridges  
  • Partial Dentures  

  • Full Dentures

Pain Management    

  • Sleep Sedation (IV)

  • Laughing Gas

  • Intramuscular Sedation (IV)

  • Oral Sedation

  • Lidocaine Injections


  • All-on-X

  • Single Tooth Implants

  • Multiple Teeth Implants

  • Implant Supported Dentures

  • Bone Grafting

Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Teeth Whitening

  • Clear Alingers

  • Veneers

  • Bonding & Contouring

Prevention - Routine Exams

  • Deep Cleanings, Laser  Therapy & Anti-Bacterial Therapy

  • Semi-Annual Check Ups

  • Dental CT Scans & X-Rays   

  • Professional Regular Cleanings      


  • Root Canals

Oral Surgery    

  • Extractions

  • Wisdom Teeth   

  • Bone Grafting


  • Traditional Braces

  • Clear Aligners

  • Crowding

Dental Self Care    

  • Flossing

  • Brushing   

  • Rinsing

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