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Woman being checked prior to a root canal procedure

(Root Canals)

That toothache could indicate something much worse

The term root canals cause most people to have goose bumps and panic attacks. But the procedure isn’t as bad as one would be led to believe.


That said, if you have a toothache which doesn’t resolve itself in short order, you may need a root canal. A root canal is called for when the pulp of the tooth has been infected which could lead to a host of other dental and medical issues. 

Tooth illustration which indicates a root canal is necessary

In other words, the tooth nerve in the root canal needs to be removed. While the root canal procedure is not one to be concerned about, it is critical that the issue causing the painful tooth needs to be addressed immediately. Any delay in evaluation and treatment is contraindicated.


If you are experiencing ongoing pain with a tooth, you need to call us right away and we will schedule an emergency appointment for you. 805.983.0717.


To provide our patients with the most comfort and least pain, various levels of sleep sedation from oral to IV is recommended. (See all about sleep sedation here.) Once the nerve has been removed, we inject medicine into the root canal, seal the cleaned out empty space, and use a dental crown to cover and protect the tooth, and restore normal chewing function.


We are one of the few dentists in the area who offers sleep sedation and we can make your crowns in our own laboratory. In many cases, we can perform the root canal and make and install a crown in the same day.


The advantages of a root canal:


  1. We eliminate the pain.

  2. We save the tooth.

  3. We eliminate the bacterial infection.

  4. We protect the body from other medical issues.

  5. We help return normal and efficient chewing.

  6. You have normal biting force and sensation.

  7. The crown provides you a more natural appearance.


The disadvantages of a root canal:


  1. The expense and time to do the procedure and the need for restoration afterwards.

  2. The procedure does not work 100% of the time.

  3. The tooth can be brittle and change color some after many years.

Chew normally after a root canal
A good looking set of teeth
Woman feels great after her root canal
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