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There are a number of reasons why a tooth needs to be extracted.

Wisdom Teeth

The most common oral surgery is the removal of wisdom teeth. Typically, at some time between the age of 17 and 21 a third set of molars called wisdom teeth (named as such because of the age when they appear) begin to grow. 

Bone Grafting

Bone grafting is a procedure to help replace bone density where the jaw has incurred bone loss.

Dental Extrusions

Basically, an extrusion is a loose tooth … which, perhaps in a worst case scenario could be several loose teeth …  where teeth are no longer secured in their sockets.

Sleep Sedation (IV)

Our team of dental experts believes that every patient deserves to be relaxed and comfortable when receiving dental care. So, we offer sleep sedation for a many procedures including root canals and our pediatric dentistry services.

Dental Health Pages
  • Crowns (Same Day)
  • Cavities & Fillings  
  • Bridges  
  • Partial Dentures  

  • Full Dentures

Pain Management    

  • Sleep Sedation (IV)

  • Laughing Gas

  • Intramuscular Sedation (IV)

  • Oral Sedation

  • Lidocaine Injections


  • All-on-X

  • Single Tooth Implants

  • Multiple Teeth Implants

  • Implant Supported Dentures

  • Bone Grafting

Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Teeth Whitening

  • Clear Alingers

  • Veneers

  • Bonding & Contouring

Prevention: Routine Exams

  • Deep Cleanings, Laser  Therapy & Anti-Bacterial Therapy

  • Semi-Annual Check Ups

  • Dental CT Scans & X-Rays   

  • Professional Regular Cleanings      


  • Root Canals

Oral Surgery    

  • Extractions

  • Wisdom Teeth   

  • Bone Grafting


  • Traditional Braces

  • Clear Aligners

  • Crowding

Dental Self Care  

  • Flossing

  • Brushing   

  • Rinsing

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