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When is it time to call an oral surgeon?

Updated: Jan 5

Dentist views CT scan of entire mouth.

There are several reasons why you may need an oral surgeon. Ongoing, unresolved pain in the mouth or jaw should warrant a call for an appointment.

Young woman with sore jaw.

Here are some other situations when oral surgery may be indicated:

Impacted wisdom tooth.

Extract wisdom teeth or other impacted teeth.

Wisdom teeth are also called third molars. When these teeth emerge for the first time, because of crowding, they may not come out completely, or come out at all. The result can be sore gums, infections of the gums surrounding the wisdom teeth, cause permanent damage to nearby teeth, gums, bone, and even lead to the formation of cysts or tumors which can destroy sections of the jaw.

We often recommend that wisdom teeth be removed before they become a problem. Most of the time we prefer to remove all four wisdom teeth in one visit.

Jaw joint connecting to skull.

Jaw-joint issues.

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) connects your jaw to your skull. It’s a hinge right in front of your ears and it can cause a number of problems such as pain in your jaw, jaw-popping, stiffness and headaches. Many people live with TMJ disorders with non-invasive treatment such as oral medications, physical therapy and splints. But for advanced cases where the diagnosis indicates a special problem in the joint, surgery may be indicated.



When your jaw or teeth are not aligned properly, we may recommend orthognathgic surgery. Often, teeth alignment issues can be remedied by orthodontic treatment such as clear aligners, but if the problem is caused by your jaw, oral surgery may be required.

Excessive overbites or underbites may cause you a number of problems such as trouble chewing or swallowing, sleep apnea, difficulty in speaking, eating and breathing.

Dental implant.


A great deal of our oral surgery involves removing and/or replacing teeth with dental implants or other appliances.

Cyst on woman's gum.

Remove benign or cancerous cysts or tumors in the mouth or face region.

Depending on the complexity, we may be able to remove small lesions from your mouth or lips. For more extreme or severe cases, we will refer you to a specialist.


Oral surgery is part art, part science, and for the most part skill. The dentists at Carson & Acasio Dentistry have decades of experience in dealing with conditions which require oral surgery.

We offer a variety of methods to address pain and anxiety for oral surgery, including sleep sedation wherein we guarantee a pain-free experience (at least during the procedure).

We have two convenient locations to provide the dental needs for you and your family. In Oxnard, call (805) 983-0717. For Spanish Hills Dentistry in Camarillo, call (805) 987-1711.

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