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Sorry, we can't take care of Fido, but we happily clean people's teeth.

Cute dog with teeth being brushed.

To us, your routine dental visit every 6 months is anything but routine. We consult with you, visually inspect your mouth, take x-rays, provide a thorough cleaning, and polish your teeth.

How many moons has it been since you had your teeth cleaned by a dentist? Your mouth may look like the one in the image below (look at the right side of the photo).

Teeth before and after professional cleaning.

Some people are religious, almost anal, about taking care of their teeth. They brush 2-3 times a day, floss with string and/or a Waterpik, and rinse. Others, not so much.

Whichever category you fall into, you must have your teeth cleaned, and a full mouth inspection, every 6 months by a dentist. The longer you put off a regular visit, the more likely you are to incur major problems in your mouth, which includes your teeth and gums.

Infographic showing health problems stemming from gum disease.

What’s more, and I hate to sound like a broken record (what are records, anyway?), but problems in your mouth cavity can lead to a host of other irritating, nagging, and even serious medical health issues.

There’s an age-old story that you can’t tell a book by its cover. As the adage relates to dentistry, you can’t tell what nasty monsters may be lurking somewhere in your mouth which you may not be aware of. With your routine cleaning, and inspection by a dentist, these hidden goobers can be discovered or neutralized, and any serious issues can be addressed during your visit.

Illustration showing potential mouth bacteria.

Additionally, many problems can be caused by poor treatment from previous providers which we can identify during your routine maintenance appointment.

I, myself, had 2 crowns which had too much space between the crown and the adjoining tooth. As I chewed, food would push down into the gums so deep that it could not be removed by floss string or a Waterpik, thus causing pain and gum inflammation.

Without throwing my previous dentists under the bus, the quality of dentistry has dramatically improved over the years due to technological advances. Many dentists did not, or still do not, have the in-house tools and technology to make their own crowns. So many times a patient is stuck with a crown provided by an outside lab which simply does not fit correctly.

In my case, the Carson team removed both crowns and made new crowns in their in-house lab with their same day service. The crowns are a perfect fit, and function like they should … with the result being no more painful eating, no more swollen and bleeding gums, and no more gum disease.

In other words, beyond your own responsibility to take care of your mouth and teeth on a daily basis, you need to be diligent to have your routine exams and rely upon a professional team to ensure your dental health.

Thousands of patients in Ventura County have relied upon Carson & Acasio and Spanish Hills Dentistry for more than a half a century for everyday dental care or extensive teeth replacement or reconstruction.

We’d like the opportunity to be your dental care giver. Please call our Oxnard clinic (805) 983-0717 or Camarillo clinic (805) 987-1711 to schedule an appointment.

Author, Marketing Consultant, Web & Graphic Designer Rich Sprague


Rich is our Marketing Services Manager. He’s responsible for our business rebrand, including the design of our new logo, the production of our marketing materials, and the development of our new website. He is extremely passionate towards the complete marketing and sales process. In addition to his Master’s Degree in Web Design & New Media, he has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and has been writing articles since high school. Rich's email is

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