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A little cosmetic dentistry can go a long way in helping your smile.

Pretty woman with beautiful teeth and apple.

Face it. Most people like to smile and interact with other people who smile.

Whether you have naturally crooked teeth, teeth which have been discolored over the years, or simple chips, we can help bring back your smile with a helping of cosmetic dentistry.

A young woman's teeth with and without braces.

For crooked teeth, braces or aligners can provide you the confidence to smile without being self-conscious. Moreover, straightening one’s teeth provides functional benefits to your chewing, and the overall health of your gums and mouth.

I wish I had had braces when I was a teenager. They would have helped to prevent many of the dental issues I face today. But my parents gave me the option, rather than insisting I have the braces installed. As a 14-year-old I didn’t know any better and chickened out because I thought the pain would be intolerable.

The cost for the dental work due to my poor decision for subsequent dental work has been enormous and has caused me a great deal of financial pain … which has been much worse than the minor discomfort associated with the braces process. Clear aligners are also an option for certain people.

A young adult with a chipped tooth.

Additionally, when I was a young lad my father was horsing around with me and I chipped a front tooth which has always bothered me. Whether it was fixed with a veneer or crown, that tooth could have been repaired in a heartbeat and eliminated much of my self-consciousness. And it would have been far easier to eat corn on the cob or a rack of ribs.

Before and after images of teeth with and without veneers.
Before and after images of teeth with and without veneers.

Carson & Acasio, and its sister company Spanish Hills Dentistry, are known as the “gentle dentists.” We excel in mitigating patient anxiety and pain, so that we can focus on providing the best dental experience to produce the outcome you need and desire.

I wish Carson & Acasio had been my dentist decades ago as my teeth and mouth would be much happier today. But there is no such thing as could have, would have, or should have. It is what it is.

But, it is important for everyone to recognize the importance of good dental health. And to take advantage of the many options available to you. The dentists and staff in our offices utilize the latest technology and procedures for each patient.

A young lady before and after teeth whitening.

From the moment you stop by our clinic for the first time, until your treatment plan is complete, we will have you smiling. Even if you simply would like to have whiter, brighter teeth.

Visit our new website at Or call our office for an appointment. Oxnard is (805) 983-0717 and Camarillo is (805) 987-1711.

Author, Marketing Consultant, Web & Graphic Designer Rich Sprague


Rich is our Marketing Services Manager. He’s responsible for our business rebrand, including the design of our new logo, the production of our marketing materials, and the development of our new website. He is extremely passionate towards the complete marketing and sales process. In addition to his Master’s Degree in Web Design & New Media, he has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and has been writing articles since high school. Rich's email is

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