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This announcement has been a long time coming. But here it is ...

Dr. Derek Carson, Dr. LeRoy Carson and Dr. Mike Acasio

The Carson family is pleased and thrilled to announce several major changes in our dentistry.

  1. We welcome our new partner, Dr. Michael Acasio. Mike has worked for us for 8 years and has been a valuable asset in our practice.

  2. And, we’re excited to introduce our new name : Carson & Acasio Dentistry and a new brand look to show the inclusion of Dr. Mike.

  3. To cap things off, we have just launched our awesome new website which was designed by a long-time patient, and marketing consultant, Rich Sprague, who is now providing marketing services for us.

We have appreciated the privilege of providing dental care for our patients for the past 50 years with our name: Carson & Carson DDS. If you have been a patient of ours, we thank you. If you have dental needs, or are looking for a new dentist, we invite you to visit our clinic and allow us the opportunity to discuss your concerns and create a dental plan for you.

Please visit our website which is chock full of valuable and important information and dental health resources.


Dr. LeRoy & Dr. Derek Carson

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