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If you have one or more broken or missing teeth, a dental implant may be your best option.

Young  man with a dental implant.

There are many choices for teeth restoration. The best bet is a dental implant which can last a lifetime and the appliances function most similarly, and look most like, your natural teeth.

The choice you make depends on many factors. Your dentist will consult with you about your options so you can make a wise and informed choice.

Things for you to consider are:

  1. What are your goals for restoration?

  2. What is the overall condition of your teeth/mouth?

  3. How many teeth need to be restored?

  4. What is your age and how long do you want the restoration to last?

  5. Is the convenience of having a permanent restoration important to you?

  6. How about the overall appearance of your restoration? Is how your teeth look important to you?

  7. Are you a patient person? Implant restorations can take a long time … not necessarily in the dental chair, but there are many steps in the process which can take weeks or months to complete.

  8. Dental implants are the most expensive option in the short run. But in the long run, with other choices, additional dental work could be required which starts driving up the lesser expensive costs. The big question you need to ask yourself. Can you afford the costs? This is likely the most critical factor when considering implant dentistry. If cost is not out of the question, then your decision should be easier.

Whether it’s one tooth, or a mouthful, dental implants are a superior solution to other alternatives such as flippers or removable dentures. On the low end of your choices are flippers, which we will provide if a patient demands them, but they are a pain to maintain and a poor person’s solution. If you wish to see a comparison chart which shows your restoration options, please email me

Man with no teeth.

Here’s a funny story about dentures. Many years ago I was lunching with a businessman who was sort of a character. As he started chewing his meal, he made some weird facial expressions as he realized he was missing his dentures. He hated the darned things and took them out fairly often and put them in his pants rear pocket. He excused himself and found them stuck in the back seat of the car. I couldn’t stop laughing as he placed his dentures in his mouth at the table.

At the present time I, myself, am a candidate for dental implants and am patiently waiting for the bone grafting to take hold and for my gums and cheeks to heal following the removal of several teeth and a piece of my jawbone.

It’s the upper left side of my mouth which needs implants. In the meantime, the docs replaced a couple of old, worn out, crowns on the right side of my mouth. Appearance for teeth in the rear of my mouth is not a consideration. Luckily, I am able to eat and chew fairly normally while awaiting my implants.

To be honest, however, I would not consider any removable appliance as they are a major inconvenience and pain to take care of.

Single dental implant.

The most basic implant is for a single tooth. We always try and cap a tooth with a crown whenever possible. However, if the tooth is beyond saving, or has to be removed, then one implant can be installed with a crown. Thus, restoring one’s mouth back to normal.

Two dental implants.

In some cases, when multiple teeth are involved, we can install multiple implants with an appropriate appliance. These are called implant supported dentures or bridges.

Multiple dental implants.

Then, in extreme cases, it may be necessary or appropriate to replace a full row of upper and lower teeth. Full mouth implants are called All-on-X and require the placement of a minimum of 4 implants.


This article is meant to be an overview of the benefits of dental implant restorations. On our website, we go into more detail. If you are interested in learning more before you call us for an appointment, we encourage you to check out the following pages:

Hockey player with a broken tooth.





In addition to our experience and expertise in providing excellence in restorations and oral surgery, there are a couple of other things which make our practice special:

Dentist making a same day crown.

We have our own lab and make crowns the same day and many of the appliances or fixtures for our patients. If all you need is a crown to cap a tooth, more than likely we can complete the process and have you on your way in the same day.

Happy man relaxing before sleep sedation.

And for those who are nervous or anxious, or who are fearful of pain (most people are), we are one of a few dentists in the area who offer sleep sedation dentistry … a process where you are awake, but you are not. When the procedure is completed, many ask: “when are you going to start?”

I hope the information in this article has been helpful. When you make your appointment, please feel free to ask your dentist any questions or share any concerns. Each of our four dentists are gentle, caring people who are concerned about your state of mind, as well as the condition of your teeth and mouth. They promise not to bite.

We have two convenient locations to provide the dental needs for you and your family. In Oxnard, call (805) 983-0717. For Spanish Hills Dentistry in Camarillo, call (805) 987-1711.

Happy older woman after dental implant procedure.

Author, Marketing Consultant, Web & Graphic Designer Rich Sprague


Rich is our Marketing Services Manager. He’s responsible for our business rebrand, including the design of our new logo, the production of our marketing materials, and the development of our new website. He is extremely passionate towards the complete marketing and sales process. In addition to his Master’s Degree in Web Design & New Media, he has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and has been writing articles since high school. Rich's email is

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