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Before and after crown image

Same-Day Crowns

We Make Precision Crowns In Our Lab

One of the most common dental restorations we perform at Carson & Acasio are dental crowns. The good news is that with our sophiscated Cerec crown-making system and technology, we produce our crowns in our own laboratory and "most" often can complete the procedure in the same day. The goal is to help you avoid temporary teeth and make your dental visit convenient.

When made properly, dental crowns can last a lifetime.

Image of a single crown

What is a dental crown?

It is a cap which can be placed over an existing tooth which can protect a weak or broken tooth from further damage, to replace a filling when most of the tooth has been removed, or is at high risk of being damaged by tooth decay. A dental crown can also be used for cosmetic dentistry purposes, such as covering up a discolored tooth, dental implant, or protect the remains of a tooth where a root canal was recently performed.

Another common use of a dental crown is to be the foundation for a dental bridge ... a device for replacing artificial teeth to cover a gap. The crowns act as a support anchor for the bridge which is placed over the supporting crowns to help restore chewing function. 

Image of a dental bridge with three crowns

Here's how we create same-day crowns in four simple steps:

Digital scan of mouth


We take a digital impression.


We capture an image of the area to be treated with an intraoral scanner in a few minutes.

Crown design using our Cerec system


We design your tooth in 3D.


A 3D model of your teeth and your new restoration are immediately created by our dentist or technicians.

Milling a crown


Your new crown is produced.


Your dental crown is quickly milled from a ceramic block in our lab using the Cerec machine.

The new crown ... ready to install


Your shiny new crown is put in your mouth.


We place your custom-designed and fit your restorative dental crown/s during the same visit. Larger cases may require an additional visit for perfect color matching and artistry.

There are many benefits of having Carson & Acasio restore your teeth with same-day crowns:

  • Our dentists and technicians have more than 50 years experience and utilize the latest technology.

  • Treatment is accomplished in one visit which saves you time and inconvenience.

  • Your mouth is scanned with a comfortable intraoral scan without unpleasant impression material.

  • You have a final restoration in the same day without the need of a temporary prosthesis which saves you time and money.

  • Your new crown/s provides you long-term stability.

Watch a video on how we make same-day crowns.

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