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Hockey player with a broken tooth. Ouch.


A simple broken tooth may be able to be repaired with a crown. Carson & Acasio offers same-day crown service for most patients as we have our own in-house laboratory.

For one or more broken or missing teeth we offer several options you can choose from depending on a number of factors:

  1. The number and location of affected teeth.

  2. Your age and overall health.

  3. Your desired outcome.

  4. How much you and your insurance can or are able to afford to pay the cost.

  5. The urgency of a complete repair.

Unfortunately, there is not one size that fits all.


Typically, your choices are:​

We will recommend that you schedule an appointment for a consultation. We have the latest X-ray technology to examine each tooth, the inside of your mouth, and a 360 degree angle of your entire head and jaw. The dentist will consult with you and suggest the best treatment plan for your particular situation, and then you will be provided with a cost breakdown of your treatment options.


Our insurance coordinator can help you and advise you what insurance payments might be available to you. We also have financing available through an external provider with excellent rates and terms.

We are happy to offer you an initial consultation without charge. If
X-rays are required, there may be a small cost. 

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