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Biotène OTC products are recommended by the ADA (American Dental Association) for treatment of dry mouth.

  • Biotène Oralbalance Gel

  • Biotène Oral Rinse

  • Biotène Fresh Mint FluorideToothpaste

  • Biotène Moisturizing Mouth Spray

  • Biotène Dry Mouth Lozenge

Biotene products
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Young woman with dry mouth

The body has a built-in mechanism to create saliva with glands on both sides of the jaw. It is critical to keep the mouth moist.


Why is saliva important?

  • Protect, lubricate, and sanitize the mucosa layer of the oral cavity

  • Improve the function of chewing, swallowing and talking

  • Protect your teeth against cavities & tooth decay

  • Protect the mouth, teeth, and throat from infection by bacteria, yeasts, and viruses

  • Promote our sense of taste

  • It aids in the digestion of food


What causes dry mouth?

  • Disease or infection

  • Medication side effects

  • Medical treatment side effects

  • Aging

  • Alcohol and tobacco

  • Dehydration (from exercise or illness)


Treatment for Dry Mouth


For most people, proper hydration is the first step. A rule of thumb is called the 8x8 rule. Drink 8 ounces of water 8 times a day.


People who participate in athletics, sweat a lot, or work or live in warm/hot climates need to drink more water.


Those who have suffered from vomiting or diarrhea need to replace the fluids or become dehydrated. You should speak with a physician as for the best course of action if you have been ill.


Our dentists will evaluate the potential causes of your dry mouth, and recommend options for you which might include a change of medications, lifestyle or a prescription for oral moisturizers or medications.

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