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Woman shows response to boss's bad breath

No one likes to be around, or near, someone with bad breath. Bad breath can be caused by serious dental or medical issues, or simply the food you eat (like garlic).


Dentists try to avoid foods which can cause bad breath before and during when they see patients. LOL


Other reasons for bad breath:

  • Lodged food particles (which quickly become stinky due to bacteria)

  • Bad dental hygiene

  • Dry mouth

  • Tobacco use

  • Infections

  • Other medical issues, especially GERD

  • Medications, even supplements

  • Heavy alcohol use (non-drinkers can especially smell even small amounts of alcohol on someone’s breath)


You can help avoid bad breath by:

  • Avoiding foods known to cause bad breath

  • Restrict alcohol and tobacco use

  • Stay hydrated

  • If you have indigestion which causes burping, take OTC meds to relief the stomach gas

  • If you insist on using mints of some sort, remember the sugar isn’t good for your teeth. There are non-sugary breath mints available at Amazon and  your local pharmacy/grocery store. 

Funny graphic of what bad breath might look like
This man can't even stand his own bad breath
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