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Illsutration showing various stages of gum disease

(Gum Disease)

Periodontitis advanced gum disease

Besides the nose, the mouth is the primary entryway to the body, and a collection point for the proliferation and manifestation of a host of nasty bacteria and germs.


It has often been said that dogs have the cleanest mouths … as we gleefully await a friendly lick. Not so with humans. Many people neglect the proper care of their mouths until problems develop. Believe it or not, over 50 million Americans (one in six) have some form of gum disease.


Think about it for a minute. The mouth has a variety of important parts and  functions:


  1. Teeth are used to chew our foods and speak

  2. The bones that hold our teeth in place are covered by our gums

  3. Salivary glands where saliva is created helps us to swallow and aids in our digestion


When we eat, food and beverages can become trapped in the various nooks and crannies. Unless the mouth is cleaned daily, with brushing, flossing and rinsing, those particles can start to create dental problems like causing cavities, plaque and tartar erodes the teeth enamel, bacteria grows and invades the gums, and so on.


Gum disease begins with gingivitis … red, swollen gums which bleed easily. In spite of one’s best efforts, gingivitis can be caused by a host of factors including smoking, diabetes, aging, stress, malnutrition, pregnancy, substance abuse, HIV and other diseases, caffeine, alcohol, and even your favorite soda.


Periodontitis is an advanced form of gum disease. In the mouth alone, one can lose gum tissue (which protects the jaw bone) and even teeth.

Periodontitis complications illustration

Beyond the mouth, periodontal diseases have been linked to serious and life-threatening medical issues including … cardiovascular diseases and strokes, diabetes, premature births, respiratory disease and many others.


We recommend that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


  1. As part of your daily routine, make it a habit to take care of your mouth. (See our recommended oral hygiene practices here.)

  2. If you believe you have a problem, such as pain or bleeding gums, you should schedule an appointment right away.

  3. Make sure to visit us every six months for your semi-annual cleaning and check up.

  4. During your visit, if we see an extensive buildup of plaque or tartar, we will encourage you to have a deep cleaning.


Although we normally have your medical records on file, if you have or have had any recent major health issues such as Covid-19, HIV, cancer, or are taking any out-of-the-ordinary medications, you should schedule a checkup at your earliest convenience. Medications taken by mouth can affect the teeth and gums … radiation to the neck and head can also have an affect on the interior of the mouth. You may even need a prescription strength mouthwash or toothpaste for certain issues.


The bottom line is that you fill your vehicle fuel tank with gas to make it run. But your vehicle needs maintenance on a regular basis and flashes warning signs when a problem occurs. You need to treat your mouth even better than you may your vehicle. You need to maintain it daily with good dental hygiene, pay attention to abnormalities, and don’t avoid your semi-annual checkups.

There are so many potential dental issues that can occur with your mouth. We can't underscore enough why you need to commit to the 6-month routine checkups and protect yourself from big problems down the line.

For most cases of periodontitis, an early visit to our office can save you from a trip to a specialist ... and a lot of time, money, and help you to avoid more serious health issues.

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