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Gingivitis can make it painful to eat

Gingivitis is the precursor to gum disease (periodontal disease) which can lead to pain and discomfort, extremely serious issues with the month, many visits to our office, and a great deal of expense.


Basically, gingivitis is a minor inflammation of the gums which, simply, is caused by poor dental hygiene.


It starts with ...

  • Formation of plaque on the teeth

  • The plaque hardens into tartar

  • Tartar leads to gingvia where the gums around the teeth become inflamed

  • Finally, without treatment, one gets periodontis which is a serious problem and results in the destruction of the gums and bone tissue.



  • Brush teeth twice a day and floss once a day

  • Use antiseptic rinses

  • Use oral antibiotics if you have a bacterial infection in the mouth. We can prescribe these for you.

  • Simple treatment before you have a serious problem: deep cleaning to remove plaque and tartar. Brushing at this point is not enough.


Again, if you adhere to good detail hygiene practices gingivitis should not be an issue. However, if we see any issues during your 6-month routine exam, we can recommend self or professional treatments to ward off more serious issues.

Gingivitis in the gum between 2 teeth
Red, sore and swollen gums caused by gingivitis
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