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Bonding & Contouring

Before and after teeth whitening

Bonding and contouring is a process which can reshape teeth.

If you have chipped, jagged, or poorly aligned teeth then a bonding or contouring treatment might be the solution to restore the glow to your smile. Bonding mainly adds to teeth or changes their color. Contouring mainly reduces the outer layer of teeth to improve the texture or smoothness, or even to reduce the overall length of a tooth. Both treatment options are highly cost-effective in restoring the proper shape, length, size, and coloration of your teeth.


Bonding is the reshaping of a tooth through the application of a tooth colored composite resin and a bonding agent. It is often used to reconstruct lost tooth structure or to smooth out the uneven surfaces of teeth. This treatment is perfect for concealing small chips, cracks, or severe stains in teeth.


Contouring reshapes teeth by using a laser or drill to grind away at the enamel layer (outermost layer) to smooth out a the shape of a tooth’s structure. This treatment is often used to shorten teeth that are too long or too sharp, smooth jagged edges, or to improve a tooth’s surface texture.

Bonding & contouring are primarily used to:

  • Lengthen teeth that are too short.

  • Shorten teeth that are too long.

  • Smooth out jagged edges along teeth.

  • Fill in Chips or cracks in teeth.

  • Fix discoloration. Some stains may be unresponsive to teeth whitening treatments, but may be fixed through bonding and contouring of the tooth.

  • Fill in small gaps in between teeth.

  • Realign teeth that are slightly crooked or misaligned.

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