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Clear Aligners

Compared to traditional metal braces or ceramic brackets (clear braces), the biggest differences are that SureSmile® Clear Aligners are clear correctors that are virtually invisible  ... and fit over your teeth rather than a bracket and bands system that is attached to your teeth. The catch with using clear correctors is that they often are paired with a slightly higher price tag.

Rather than having the brackets of your braces adjusted every couple of weeks, you may receive a new, adjusted SureSmile® Clear Aligner every week that modifies the position of your teeth over time by resting on top of them. The SureSmile® Clear Aligner is a removable treatment option unlike traditional metal braces.

With clear aligners you are provided with a brand new, custom fitting aligner for every 1-2 weeks of time they are used.

SureSmile® Clear Aligner advantages:

  • It can be up 50% faster

  • Ability to remove the Invisalign clear aligner

  • Easy to store and care for

  • Your teeth can receive whitening treatment simultaneously

  • Clear corrector that can be used at almost any age to correct a wide variety of problems

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